Project Leave Them Production to Begin Dec 2

This is perhaps the most important project we have taken on to date. Ben has teamed up with director, Robin Roemer, to produce a music video/PSA for the song Leave Them.  

Two of the nation's leading organization in the fight against sexual violence,
RAINN and Darkness To Light, have joined the project as consulting partners, providing guidance and human resources as we navigate this heavy and vastly important subject.

This video aims to un-silence victims of childhood sexual assault, starring real victims, and working to remove the shame, guilt and self-doubt that has kept these voices locked away. 

We have raised initial capital.  We have assembled amazing team, mostly volunteer, and we have secured discounts on the film gear we need and the location.  But, we need your help.  This is an ambitious project and we are determined to do it right!

Please visit the link to learn more about this project and to become a supporter. Thank you!

#projectleavethem #togetherwehaveavoice #metoo


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