November 22, 2013


In the two years since our debut album release we have evolved and grown; tightening our connectedness and creativity as performers, and expanding our sonic landscape.  Our journey continues to bless us with radio play, world-wide record sales, and amazing performance opportunities.  Throughout this time we’ve also been crafting a new set of songs.  We could not be more grateful, and it’s time to get back in the studio to make a record of where we are now.

We’ve decided to fund this record through  Kickstarter is a crowd-funding resource that helps independant projects of all kinds gain funding through their supporters like you – our friends, fans and family.

You can view our campaign page here to see what this is all about:

By raising funds independantly, we can produce and distribute our best recorded work yet, with complete creative control.  And the fun part is, when you give, you recieve.  Check out the rewards for different pledge levels.  We’ve worked really hard to make sure we give back to everyone who joins us on this journey.

Also, given that Kickstarter is a crowd-funding resource, we need a crowd to make this work.  If you can share the kickstarter page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and such, it would be hugely helpful!

Again, this is the link!

The privilege of being here, living the dream of making music, and asking you to help us bring this project to life is not lost on us.  We are so grateful to you. We hope you’ll join us in making this record!

Thank you,

Benjamin Doerr & St. Paul de Vence

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