April 18, 2014

We were delighted to get such praise from Andrew Harris at The Monarch Review!

“St Paul de Vence arrived on paired harmonies of trumpet and trombone, instantly transforming the Showbox into the city’s biggest mood-lit living room.

St Paul is a great band. Friendly and engaging from stage, the lyrics seem to hold the full story of a relationship. At times gentle and sweet, the sweet nothings whispered in a lover’s ear, sung in heart-wrenchingly tender harmonies and lines.  Other songs hold the tension and eggshells of a fight not had, the conversation’s opportunity long past.  Regardless, the vocal chemistry between Benjamin Doerr and multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Lydia Ramsey is uncanny.

Add their lyrical enlightenment to the fact that there’s enough talent on stage for two bands, and it’s easy to see why Campfire OK’s own Mychal Cohen saw fit to release St. Paul’s record himself.  The instrumentation is subtle but persistent, pulling of the difficult trick of maintaining energy when the tempo drops with practiced ease. St. Paul de Vence are lock tight, exciting, inspiring performers and most crucially, humble, and are the newest addition to Andrews’ Ever-Growing List Of Bands That One Should Not Miss.”

Read the full show review here:

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