by Abby Simmons – January 25, 2012

St. Paul de Vence’s “Eventually” Overcomes My Banjo Fatigue

I admit, like many folks, I’m a little burnt out on pretty songs with banjo backing. At this point in Seattle, if you’re going to do it, you better do it damn well … because it has been done. And over-done.

St. Paul de Vence’s “Eventually” does it well. Well enough to burrow through my banjo fatigue and get stuck in my head. Now, I’m not sure if the rest of their debut full-length does it as well, as they’ve only made one song available for streaming, but “Eventually” with its “la-la-la” chorus is Seattle sing-along ready. The song is dramatic and it ebbs and flows in all the right places, seeming to play through your speakers in sepia tones. Which is fitting for an album and band inspired by the World War II adventures of vocalist Benjamin Doerr’s grandfather, Fortune Jean Giordano.

“Eventually” and the story behind it is disarmingly charming. You can download “Eventually” on St. Paul de Vence’s bandcamp for free. They’re celebrating the release of their new self-titled record this Sunday at Columbia City Theater and our Collective buddies The Warehouse have booked a beautiful bill to match the occasion with Best of the New alumni Le Wrens and a band being called “Bonfire So-So.”

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